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Our Skin Treatments

The path towards beautiful, healthy skin begins here. A consultation with one of our Paramedical Estheticians will help determine which skincare treatments are best suited to meet your individual needs.

The Revival

Looking beautiful is not always about looking younger; It’s about looking your best at any age. This powerful age management facial treatment incorporates a customized enzyme blend proven to strengthen and tone the structural integrity of the dermis by recreating an optimal environment for your skin to rejuvenate and thrive.

60 Min / $200

90 Min / $275


The Restoration

Most of us have experienced the occasional blemish, but for others the effects of stress, environmental influences and poor nutrition can lead to more serious skin conditions and severe breakouts. This deep restoring treatment is tailored to unmask and repair hormonal and lifestyle imbalances that cause acne, allowing your skin’s natural tone and clarity to be relvealed.

60 Min / $200

90 Min / $275


The Spa on Rodeo Organic Facial

The Spa on Rodeo’s 100% certified organic skincare products and treatments embrace healing ingredients extracted from nature to gently improve common sensitive skin conditions.

60 Min / $150

90 Min / $200


Skin Fitness Program

For those committed to maximizing results and experiencing drastic skin transformations, this Skin Fitness Program is the perfect fit. Think of us as your personal wellness boot camp as we tone, tighten, and treat your face with a consistent routine. This twelve week program transforms your skin from the inside out with paramedical treatments and lifestyle modification guidance.

12 Weekly Treatment Program / $2,000

*Recommended home products not included


Cellular Therapy / Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Regenerate from the inside out with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Cellular Skin Revision. This treatment utilizes micro-needling to deliver your extracted PRP subcutaneously. Benefits of PRP therapy include dramatic improvement of skin’s texture, color, elasticity, and natural collagen synthesis. The results are unrivaled by any other non-invasive age management procedure.

Individual Treatment / $800

PRP Series: 3 Monthly Treatments / $2,200


Divine Rouge

Divine Rouge uses The Spa on Rodeo’s exclusive 100% certified organic skincare products with healing ingredients extracted from nature to gently revise sensitive skin conditions. This feel-good facial serves up all the perks of red wine without the hangover! Red wine extracts, rich in tannins and polyphenols, thoroughly purifies the skin and neutralizes free radical damage; the perfect pick me up for dull, lackluster skin. Divinely detox with our signature facial to reveal a youthful glow.

60 Min / $150

90 Min / $200


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