Massage Services Beverly Hills

Back on Track

We’ve got your back.  Our individualized back skin revision treatment includes a deep cleansing, extractions, customized enzyme cocktail coupled with diamond tip microdermabrasion to help put your back front and center.

60 Min / $215


Full Body Enzyme Therapy

A deep enzyme treatment that stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system. Ideal for revising loose and sagging skin, exfoliating dry skin, and reducing inflammation. Enzyme treatment can be applied to the whole body or areas including arms, stomach, chest, and lower leg.

90 Min / $345

Stretch Mark Revision

This non-invasive PH Revision treatment softens and dissolves abrasions in the skin to restructure striae tissue. Our Stretch Mark Revision is followed by Enzyme Therapy to rebuild and strengthen the dermis causing the appearance of stretch marks to fade.

*Price determined upon complimentary consultation.


Body Contour Wrap

Our Body Contour Wrap is designed to assist in the re-shaping and sculpting of the body. This thermogenic wrap reduces cellulite and increases circulation all while tightening and toning problem areas.

*Price determined upon complimentary consultation.